Monday, October 15, 2007

brooklyn was grand...

the etsy trunk show in brooklyn was a grand success...i also did the indiebrooklyn market on saturday which was amazing.....i forgot how much i loved brooklyn although it was non stop work for 4 days. 2 shows and 2 days of schlepping.... i landed an account with a fabulous boutique on smith st.....MONGo...whom just sent me a note saying they have sold out of everything in 2 weeks and needed more asap....and ohy veh... i left my power cord in brooklyn and havent been able to update my world.....i borrowed one from these very nice ladies i am doing some graphic design work for and i am now secretly using to update my blog.....shhh

so much going on.....
north carolina trunk show
yellow pair studio artisan november
filling orders as fast as i can.....
trying to convince my boyfriend to move to brooklyn
trying to hire seamstresses
looking for a larger design/showroom space
obsessing over puerto rican food

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Cherry Runway said...

That sounds so exciting! I wish you the best of luck!