Saturday, January 3, 2009

some christmas loot

a gorgeous vintage brass leaf cuff bracelet from my dear old friend the infamous ms. chitah daniels kennedy. i died.
tons of my favorite l'occitane potions from france. so provencial.
my friends know me well. luby's is my special place.what did you get for christmas?


please sir said...

Oh fun look at all your goodies! Love the bracelet!

hmstrjam said...

love l'occitane!! mmm anything lavender is my favorite. I love that german etsy button- i put it on my blog too!

Jules said...

that bracelet is fantastic! i LOVE it!

Jaimee said...

Lucky you :)

炸金花 said...

You these things, I have read twice, for me, this is a relatively rare phenomenon!
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Chris said...

A Pier 1 Hayworth jewelry armoire! I have to exchange the one my hubby bought me cuz it's scratched, and we're waiting for our ordered one to come in. But it's pretty and will hold lots of shiny things :)